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Engineering Inspection Services

Engineering and Inspection Services in Minneapolis, MN

Quality is the foundation of Protofab Engineering, which is why we invest in a wide range of inspection equipment and strategically test and train our inspection staff to run and understand all aspects of the equipment. We are pleased to provide full inspection services to ensure parts meet your specifications.

First Article Inspection upon request.
Protofab Engineering will perform a detailed analysis of your print and number all dimension and specifications. We will then complete a full inspection of the parts and complete a first article inspection form.


Vision System: With our OGP Smartscope we are able to optically inspect parts. This allows us to measure parts that are extremely small with great accuracy. This system permits us to take in large amounts of data and analyze it quickly and accurately.

CMM: Our Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine is CNC controlled and does its inspection by making contact with the part using a touchprobe. This system works very well when checking larger parts and complex features inside parts.

Comparator: The Mitutoyo Comparator makes it easy for us to quickly and accurately check diameters, radii, and hole locations. It also allows us to clearly look at profiles.

Surface Profilometer: With this tool we have the capability to measure surface roughness and map the surface with a printout.


  • Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine Crysta-ApexC 547 20 X 28 X16
  • OGP Flash 200 Vision System
  • Mitutoyo Comparator PH-A14
  • Trimos Height Gage 24 inches tall
  • Starrett Transfer Gage
  • Pin gages in .001 increments from .005 to 1.000
  • Mics in 1.00 increments from 0-12”
  • Sunnen Bore Gages from 1.0000 to 6.0000
  • Thread gages (English and Metric for checking internal threads)
  • Ring gages (English and Metric for checking external threads)
  • Resources
Engineering Inspection Services Engineering Inspection Services Engineering Inspection Services Engineering Inspection Services