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Engineering and Clean Room Services

Cleanroom Services in Minneapolis, MN

Our cleanroom is tested and certified quarterly as Class 10,000/ISO 7. This innovation, fueled by a growing number of requests from Protofab customers, allows us to offer these services:

  • Development of unique manufacturing and assembly processes. Our engineers are enthusiastic about working with you to adhere to your specific needs and/or restrictions. Let us help you put together a custom design assembly or manufacturing process that will make your vision come to life.
  • Medical Device Assembly/Manufacturing. Our cleanroom staff was chosen for their meticulous attention to detail. Their practiced patience has proven effective when working with small and complex pieces.
  • Cleanroom Inspection and Testing. We have equipment dedicated to our cleanroom that ensures your product will conform to your specifications before leaving our facility. Our services include developing unique and thorough testing processes to assure product quality.
  • Cleanroom Packaging. We are able to make custom trays to protect delicate and at risk parts, as well as class 10,000 cleanroom poly tubing for packaging. Whatever your needs are—we can help.
  • Critical Fixtures. We design and engineer fixtures exclusively for the critical pieces of your assembly or manufacturing process.


Clean Room Services Clean Room Service Clean Room Service Clean Room Service